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In 2010 I was accompaning a Spanish group travelling across Germany. Almost at the end of the journey we visited Würzburg, one of the most interesting German towns. A boy from Barcelona was our local guide, his name was Julio, he was very clever and he had been living in Germany for four years. Suddenly, since he noticed my foreign accent he asked me: 


– Where are you from?


– I am from Kraków – I answered. - It is in Poland – I added to make him clearer where my hometown was. 


– Julio smiled and said: I know Kraków! You live in the most beautiful town in the world…


…I invite you to come and get to know my hometown… full of history and poetry, immortalized forever in the versus of poets… where the past mingles with the present… where coffee shops are full of people… where exhibitions, concerts, artistic representations and festivals are organized… where each year plenty of things are being done in order to the town gets better and better… where during the nights the magic carriages from the Gałczyński’s poem travel down the narrow medieval streets and beautiful squares…


English speaking Cracow Blue Badge guide

English speaking Cracow Blue Badge guide
English speaking Cracow Blue Badge guide